Marine Coatings

Marine coatings are designed with particular functionality to best protect and
preserve the surfaces to which they are applied. Specific areas of marine
vessels and yachts require specially formulated marine coatings for
use above and below the waterline. For instance, antifouling
coatings — which do exactly that: protect surfaces from
fouling — are engineered and subject to intense
regulation. The products available for today’s
use include different levels of toxicity.
EarthCoat’s objective is to provide the
market with the cleanest, safest prod-
ucts available, committing to products
that meet the highest levels of green
standards will be the benchmark.

Architectural Coatings

Paints are applied to protect and enhance the appearance
of a surface. The need to protect structures as well as the environ-
ment is driving the development of high performance coatings with superior
performance, while containing no environmentally damaging toxins. Innovation in
products will become an increasingly important part of improving the quality of the environ-
ment. The products EarthCoat is working on will ensure that the surfaces they’re applied to and
the natural surroundings they are applied within will be protected at a maximum level.